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#ChooseYourResolution Day 2 is any #backbend and I chose my nemesis pose, #chinstand!😱😅 . Have you been inspired by all the #transformationtuesday pics going around? Well it’s time to make your own “before pics!” Join us!!! Tomorrow is only Day 2, so you have plenty of time to catch up! . I am not one of those naturally bendy babes AT ALL! So this one is way out of my comfort zone...in fact I’ve only ever done it like 3 times for challenges. But I know that with practice, patience and perseverance, anything’s possible. _ So here I go, I’ll be practicing this once per week with my babes @elena_miss_yoga @karina_look_for_beauty and @natascha_yoga for #chinnychestythursday, and we’ll see what happens! . If you’re new to this pose like I am, please be careful! I recommend you don’t even try it unless your chest is all the way on the floor in a straight leg puppy pose (you can check out yesterday’s video for a demo of that.) I am using blocks under each shoulder with a space in the middle for my chest to open into. At the very end of my video you can see I tried it without blocks and very quickly knew I wasn’t ready for it. Progress happens with daily practice, not with pushing past your edge. No injuries on my watch please!😘 . You are ALL invited to join! Don’t miss this challenge!!! You’ll kick yourself later when you see our progress pics and you didn’t do this with us!!! . Your Lovely Hosts: @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @beahappyamy @dianarae.yoga . Generous Sponsors: @NUXactive @onzie @mamarooyoga @yogapaws @omgoddess.clothing . Here’s the list we are working from: . Day 1) Standing Balance ✔️ Day 2) Backbend ✔️ Day 3) Forward Fold Day 4) Hip Opener Day 5) Arm Balance Day 6) Inversion Day 7) Yogis Choice . Thanks for the inspiration for this one @yogagirlinhawaii 💖🙏 #yogachallenge #backbend #chinstandtutorial #chinstandvideo #leighstutorials #yogatutorials