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When I do outdoor yoga in Alaska, the only audience I ever have is the odd mountain🐐goat or marmot...😂 . But here in Hawaii, it’s a little more challenging to find a quiet spot all to myself. I’ll put some of this mornings photo bombs in my stories for your amusement...😂 . But regardless of how many people walked by, I was really focused and managed to have an incredible 2 hour practice. I even flipped my grip on both sides in this pose!!! I think my #dailydancer practice with @allykborn is paying off! . Loving these💙pants by @totemmilife and super cute👙top by @kindapparelco 💖🙌 . Reaching for that #WHPclassic #flipgrip #dancerpose . #outdooryoga #beachyoga #journeytoflipgripdancer

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I’m so excited for tomorrow’s Day One of #ChooseYourResolution! . Have you been inspired by all the #transformationtuesday pics going around? Well it’s time to make your own “before pics!” Join us!!! . Day one is any standing balance pose, so of course I had to choose #dancerpose with a #flipgrip as it’s been a goal pose of mine forever!! . One day I will do it with ease, but for now it’s still a struggle. I have actually touched my foot before and even one time got there without a strap, but my body doesn’t remember...🤣🤷‍♀️ For now, today, this is where my #journeytoflipgripdancer is. . So what’s my plan for progress? Well, I’ve been trying to do a #dailydancer this month with @allykborn and I try to do #juevesdancingshiva on Thursday’s with @yogayely, but I’m not always consistent...cuz it’s so dang hard! But guess what...? I can practice it every day gently...I don’t have to go to a crazy difficult edge. I just need to practice to my gentle comfort edge more often. That’s where the magic is. This is my gentle comfort edge today, and this was easy to practice. So let’s see what my gentle comfort edge looks like in a year from now... 👏👏👏 . I have shared both sides as well as a sped up video of my warm up. . Check out the flyer in my previous post for details. You are ALL invited to join! Don’t miss this one!!! You’ll kick yourself later when you see our progress pics and you didn’t do this with us!!! . Your Lovely Hosts: @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @beahappyamy @dianarae.yoga . Generous Sponsors: @NUXactive @onzie @mamarooyoga @yogapaws @omgoddess.clothing . Here’s the list we will be working from: . Day 1) Standing Balance ✔️ Day 2) Backbend Day 3) Forward Fold Day 4) Hip Opener Day 5) Arm Balance Day 6) Inversion Day 7) Yogis Choice . #yogachallenge #natarajasana

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Staying accountable 👊 Thursdays are now for #flipthatgrip led by @yogayely #juevesdancingshiva #journeytoflipgripdancer ✨ Day 14/365 ✨inspired by @leighemily

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#BendLikeA4LeafClover Day 4️⃣ #DancerPose #Natarajasana _ I really don't like Nataraja at all, I hardly flip my grip, even I catch on my feet, I could not turn it or hold it. I use strap also cannot make my feet closer to my fingers. This is what I read from @leighemily whch I think I should follow, try every Thursday. Hope can get some improvements. - From @leighemily : I been working on my flip grip dancer pose for 1.5 years. I joined the group #juevesdancingshiva led by the gorgeous @yogayely and on Thursdays we all post our flip grip dancer progress. This is a pose that is EXTREMELY challenging for me, so I would ONLY practice it on Thursdays when I knew I had to. I was tracking my personal progress on #journeytoflipgripdancer, but I have slacked off for a while. Luckily I’ve been working on overall backbends a little bit every day with my group #solsticebackbendbabes367 and that seems to be the magic pill, cause guess what I just did today? Well you’ll have to watch to find out! OK, YUP I DID IT!🎉 You are witnessing my very first flip grip dancer without a strap!💃 _ I warmed up a lot for this today: Sun salutations, rolled on my wheel, lunges, kapotasana, camel…all the things I’ve been sharing this week in my backbend videos and I added the splits as well, as I think it’s a direct correlation because you’re opening hamstrings on one side and hip flexor on the other. _ Key tips I’ve learned so far on the actual flip grip: Use a wall for support. Bend the standing leg, a lot! Use a strap at different lengths like I show here. Use @yogapaws for grip once you ditch the strap Get your foot as close to your shoulder as possible before working the flip of the shoulder. Practice a little every day and DON’T GIVE UP!!! This was my goal for 2016 and I’m a little late, but I got it!!! _ Check in with my awesome hosts for some Dancer Inspiration! @talcomraja @yogielena @lightfulyogini @leighemily _ Love up on our awesome Sponsors: @Re3life #Re3 #Re3life @toesox @infinitystrap @mymalanecklace _ #backbend #heartopener #yogavideo #leighsfirstflipgrip ™@leighemily

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#aYearOfYoga2017 Day 28 #DancerPose _ This has been my goal pose for a loooong time. I used to consistently practice it once a week on Thursdays with @yogayely and the #juevesdancingshiva 's, and it looks like I need to start doing that again, cuz I see no progress. _ This pose is so challenging for me....it takes A LOT to force myself to practice it. Struggle bus for real. Anyone else working on it? Any ideas for me? I think what I need to do is not worry about the progress and just try to enjoy the practice....but how? I feel defeated by this pose...which means time to step up my dancer game....practice, practice, practice. _ But I've been pleased with my progress on all the other poses for this month. Big thank you to @cyogalab for putting on this challenge. See ya next year! (Or for your very next awesome challenge 😂) _ #journeytoflipgripdancer #leighsyearofyoga #leighsyearofyoga2017 _ @cyogalab @livesankalpa 💖 _ Outfit by @la.forma 💖 _ #natarajasana #flipgrip #solsticebackbendbabes367 #heartopener #backbend #bendsoyoudontbreak

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#GymYogaDance Day 8 #DancerPose _ Before Instagram yoga, I wasn't much into props, but I have discovered how valuable they are for progression! I'm using both a wheel and a strap to help me flip my grip here, and this was NOT an easy pose for me at all. I was scrolling through IG and totally inspired by @meganwalters0 when I saw her do this version of dancer pose, oh so gracefully.🙌 _ Do you guys screen shot poses to try? And now, you know that you can bookmark them on IG? My "must try" list of poses is growing every day seeing all of YOUR poses in our amazing "ified" gallery. Loving this so much!! Thank you guys for always inspiring.🙏💖 _ Be sure to check out my beautiful Co Hosts for their "ified" version of tomorrows pose: @elena_miss_yoga 💃 @carolineanne92 🤸🏼‍♂️ @leighemily 🙋 _ And our generous sponsors: @yoga_democracy @namaste.tv @yogaforgymnasts @foxysleotards @bohemian_treasure _ Gorgeous Snow Day leggings @yoga_democracy Top @aiyihanyoga @yogaprowheel (use leighemily discount code) _ #solsticebackbendbabes367 #natarajasana #backbend #heartopener #yogawheel #dancerposevariation

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Day 4 #YogiProgressReport Dancer Pose is my goal! It was my goal to do this with ease by the end of 2016. I used to practice it every Thursday with #juevesdancingshiva group led by @yogayely, but I fell off my practice. This pose is so hard for me and it was easy to skip a week here and there...which turned into months. But I can't skip it any more. I must practice it...even when I don't feel like it. Here we go again #natarajasana, I'm coming for you...again! You can see my journey here: #journeytoflipgripdancer _ Awesome Hosts: @allykborn @phdyogi @rachel.acu.yogi And awesome sponsors: @liforme @omgiyoga @mamakuka @yogisurprise @samudrakala _ #MonNThursbackbend #SolsticeBackbendBabes367 #backbend _ Leggings @omgiyoga 💙💚⭐️

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Some days, I just don't feel like getting my yoga on. I was tired and lazy today, but I decided to lay down a soft blanket while I waited for my passengers and at least get in some yin poses. And then boom, I woke up and had an awesome practice! (And then I promptly fell asleep in #sivasana😂) _ Day 4 #FindingYourFloat is all about dat core....😅 I worked on Cait's and Jen's pike slides and Char's navasana and straddle lift and oh did that burn! I looked for a round rock to try Susan's wheel assist, but too darn heavy, and sorry Cat, no glacier counter press today, but one day, just for you...I will do it!😂😘 _ Then I got my bend on for my #solsticebackbendbabes367 and even did my first #camelpose to #kapotasana.👏🎉 And it's Thursday, so for #juevesdancingshiva led by @yogayely, I used a sock for a strap and got my #journeytoflipgripdancer pose on!💃🙋 _ So moral of the story: Get On Your Mat! Every Damn Day...even when you don't feel like it...and then take a long ass sivasana...you deserve it! _ Thanks for the motivation Awesome Hosts!!🙏💙 🔥@susanbishopyoga 🔥@catbradleyyoga 🔥@caitmnolan 🔥@sharasklar 🔥@threebabies123 Generous Sponsors: 💥@infinitystrap 💥@handfulbra 💥@pranaportland 💥@prana 💥@pendletonwm _ #366hcrewprep #questforthepress #yogaflow #timelapse #clouds #blueskiesareboring #instayoga #yogavideo #outdooryoga #igyogi #yogisofinstagram #alpnrock #inspiration #core

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Been working on this pose for a while now. It's still not something I love to do and I still have to force myself to work on it. But I do...once per week at a minimum. Slowly over time, that hand is crawling down my toes.... Consistent practice makes magic. #Natarajasana #journeytoflipgripdancer Day 3 of #mythicsummeryoga Lovely Hosts: @Strengthandstability @Valdasaur @Elena_Miss_Yoga @Sirisyoga Gracious Sponsors: @Arthleticwear @Lunajaiathletic @Pucket_Pants  @re3life  @Beupclothing  @beadsbymelissa  @youphoriayoga

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Day 2️⃣ #WorkYourWeakSide is any FLIP GRIP pose. I chose to flip my grip in dancer pose and I definitely still need a strap on both sides. This pose requires a serious warm up. After my usual 10 sun salutations (5A and 5B) I worked on my backbend, my hip flexors and my shoulders. My next post will be a sped up version of my warm up. I have been working on this pose since September 2015 with the goal to be able to do it with ease by the end of 2016 and you can see my progress at #journeytoflipgripdancer. My progress is moving in millimeters, but slowly and surely I'm getting there! Patience, determination and consistent practice is the key. Our bodies are capable of anything over time. It is helpful to start with your hand as close to your foot as possible on the strap and have a good strong wrap on your foot so the strap doesn't slip while you're working your hands down it. Also, stand close to the wall to catch yourself if you can't balance. Another good trick is to bend the standing leg while you're working your hand towards your foot. Once you have your grip as far down the strap as you can, find a good drishti, or gazing point out in front of you and spread your balancing foot out as wide and sturdy as you can. Think about filling your chest and try to get the front body to stretch rather than all in the back body. Check in with my awesome co hosts for other variations of flip grip poses and for tips and warm ups. @stretchylexi @tabithapaige @deeyogibear 🙏Generous Sponsors: @alpnrock @mamakuka @happyheartsandminds #WorkYourWeakSideWithLeigh #flipgrip #dancerpose #natarajasana #kingdancerpose

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I started working on my flipgrip dancer pose September 2015 when the photo on the right was taken. Since then, every day I've been stretching my hip flexors, my shoulders and rolling my back on a yoga wheel. And every Thursday I've been working with a strap to inch my hand and foot together. My goal is to do this pose with ease and no strap by the end of 2016. Slow and steady, I'm coming for you King Dancer! If you're working on this pose, join me and the #juevesdancingshiva ladies, led by the lovely @yogayely. With consistent practice and patience, change will happen, I promise. 💖 #transformation #yogagoals #dancerpose #natarajasana #natarajasanagoal #journeytoflipgripdancer #flipgripdancerpose

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On Thursdays, we dance!💃 #juevesdancingshiva with @yogayely #natarajasanagoal #journeytoflipgripdancer Fancy pants by @onetribeapparel

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I'm finally starting up again on my #natarajasanagoal! My 2016 goal is to comfortably flip my grip in dancer pose. Who else is working on this? Let's do it!!! Every Thursday I post my progress with @yogayely and her beautiful group #juevesdancingshiva. I took the last three months off for an intercostal/rib injury but I'm back, I'm ready, I'm feeling strong! Doesn't matter where you are in your practice....start now and with consistent practice, you will progress...I promise! You can see my journey here: #journeytoflipgripdancer If I can do it, you can do it! #natarajasana #dancerpose #practicedaily #flipgrip Sweet leggings from @exoapparelstore

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Today was a pretty kick ass day. I got to yoga play in this magical place, I got to fly a rescue mission and evacuated a hiker from a glacier...got him back in one piece, safe and warm, got to do some handstands with some bald eagles. Yup, I'm going to bed smiling! I'll be telling you all about it when I "take over" the @alpnrock Instagram page on Saturday! Follow them and stay tuned...I can't wait to take you on this adventure with me! My goal for 2016 is to flip my grip in dancer pose. I was making good progress until I had an injury that set me back a little. But I'm still coming for you flipgripdancer! Week 2 #natarajasanagoal with @yogayely and #juevesdancingshiva Staying warm in my sweet Davos jacket and travel pant by @alpnrock Discount code INSTA20LEIGH for 20% off. #natarajasana #journeytoflipgripdancer #alpnrock #glacieryoga #dancerpose

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A little underwater dancing for this week's #juevesdancingshiva with Lovely @yogayely Awesome leggings from 💙🙏@downwarddogmiami Photo by @barspinnerr 🙏📷 #journeytoflipgripdancer #picbyRyanBrennan #natarajasana #dancerpose #underwater #underwateryoga #gopro #goprogirl #goprowater

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#AYearOfYoga2016 Day 28 Today we choose a pose that we hope to improve in 2016 and since you all know that #flipgripdancer is my goal this year, I had to do it! #kingdancer Every Thursday I join @yogayely and the #juevesdancingshiva group in documenting our progress in this pose. Please join us if you're working on #natarajasana. I am posting both sides today. Right leg up, I can usually get farther towards my toes, but I see now that my hip is hiked up a bit. So now I'm not sure which is my favored side. I guess that's good to treat them both as my favorite! Thank you so much @cyogalab for hosting this challenge. I have been amazed at comparison pics from last year, and I am more motivated than ever on this wonderful endless journey of practice! Thank you @livesankalpa for sponsoring, your mats are beautiful. #leighsyearofyoga2016 #journeytoflipgripdancer #dancerpose

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On Thursday's I post my flip grip dancer progress photo along with all the lovely #juevesdancingshiva ladies and lovely host @yogayely. Progress is happening millimeter by millimeter. I can't wait to see how many millimeters I get this year!! If you are working on this pose, join us every Thursday. Consistency is everything. This week I get to dance in my new favorite leggings from @downwarddogmiami. These things are rockin!! Thank you!! Peace sign on one leg and LOVE on the other. ❤️☮ #dancerpose #natarajasana #journeytoflipgripdancer

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My biggest yoga goal of 2016 is a flip grip dancer pose. This is such a lofty goal that I actually started 3 months ago to get a head start. I'm amazed with how much progress I've already made but I also know that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. I'm so happy to have the support and encouragement of the lovely #juevesdancingshiva group created by the awe inspiring @yogayely. Today I am posting a plain no frills photo of where I'm at today. I warmed up for 30 minutes and my hands are shaking and maybe even have blisters from pulling so hard on the strap. I'm giving it my everything in this photo...don't be fooled...and I might even be holding my breath here #badyogi This is Right side. If you are working on this pose, please join in and post a progress photo every Thursday. Consistency works! I promise! Let's do this!!! #natarajasana #dancerpose

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Every Thursday I share a progress photo of my #journeytoflipgripdancer with @yogayely and her awesome #JuevesDancingShiva 💃 group. Today is the first time I've touched my foot. Well, my finger just barely grazed my baby toe anyway. It is my goal for 2016 to do this with ease and no strap. Consistency is magical and progress happens!👏😊🙏 _______________________________________ One of my inspirational #igyogafamily @j.m.awesome tagged me to share what I am thankful for today. I am so thankful for all of you who inspire me every day and help me to stay on track with my practice. And I am so thankful for my health and my ever changing body. After two separate accidents with fractured vertebras and scoliosis and shoulder surgery and two separate knee surgeries and broken ankles...and whatever else I've put my body through over the years, I can still do THIS! I am so grateful for this magical healing vessel that is my body. I'd like to pass the tag onto my amazing #366hcrew family to share what you are all grateful for. I love each and every one of you and I'm so grateful for your support. 🙏💙 If you see this and feel like sharing, #strikeapose and share what you're grateful for. #natarajasana #dancerpose #progress #grateful #thankfulthankfulness #thankful

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#JuevesDancingShiva with lovely @yogayely Some days I have to just rest in my comfortable dancer pose and enjoy the sunset. I'll get back to my flip grip progress next week. #journeytoflipgripdancer _____________________________ For @shiniyogi who tagged me for #stopdropandyoga. Enjoy the sunset with me Love and thanks for the tag.🙏😘

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Every Thursday I post my progress on my journey for flip grip dancer pose. I've learned how important consistent practice is, so thank you #igyogafamily for helping to keep me accountable. If anyone else is working on this pose, please join us on Thursdays for #JuevesDancingShiva with lovely host @yogayely. 🙏😘❤️ I might be able to get a little closer to my foot if I was near a wall, but I was happy with this out on the rocks watching the sun set. #journeytoflipgripdancer #natarajasana #yogadaily

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Weekly three progress report of my journey to flipgrip dancer. It's a journey of centimeters...but it's happening! Every Thursday I post to #JuevesDancingShiva with the lovely @yogayely. If this is something you are working on, you are invited to join the journey with us! #natarajasana #dancerpose #yogadaily #practiceandalliscoming

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My goal for 2016 is flip grip dancer pose. I've been focusing on it for one week now, and as you can see, I need a head start! This is my first progress photo, and believe it or not, this is fantastic for me. Every Thursday I will post a new progress photo. This is for me to keep track of my progress and to stay motivated and accountable. If this is something you're working on yourself, I invite you to join me. Happy Thursday @yogayely and her #JuevesDancingShiva crew! . . . #myflipgripjourney2016 #yogadaily #practiceandalliscoming #natarajasana