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I grew up at the base of the Rocky Mountains. They are majestic and inspire me. These are not the same mountains but I am inspired still. #Repost @leighyogipilot ・・・ While my passengers look for gold in these hills, I look for bliss.. . Note to self: always wear yoga pants under your flight suit. You never know when the opportunity will arise for some blissful #outdooryoga. . #urbannirvanagirl #totaltula #getoutstayout #asdt #sonya6300 #instayoga #instapilot #goatworthy #alaska #wildernessbabes #welivetoexplore #femalepilot #pilotlife #theplayfulyogipilot

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Hi 👋 Friends! I’m so thrilled and honored that @instagram featured one of my magic pics on their page!! And since I’ve been getting a lot of questions and new followers, I figured I’d introduce myself!👋 . First off, Welcome! I’m glad you’re here! . My name is Leigh, pronounced Lee. . I mostly share my yoga🧘‍♀️journey on these squares, but also a little bit of my life as a helicopter pilot.🚁👩‍✈️ . I live and work in Valdez, Alaska, during the summer months as the Chief Pilot for a small helicopter company called @vshelicopters. I fly every mission you can possibly imagine, and many that you can’t imagine too.😂🚁 . I share as much of it as I can on my IG stories, but mostly I keep my hands on the controls...😅 I’ll try to upload a few videos from this past summer to give you a better idea, but it’s mostly remote construction, communication tower site maintenance, mineral exploration, glacier tours and an occasional rescue. . I’m always wearing yoga pants under my flight gear, just in case I get an opportunity for some mountain top Yoga!🏔 . I fly a lot in the summer and work 14 hour days. I also do all the hiring and training of the pilots and office staff. And yes, I’m hiring! I need an AS350B2 pilot with heli ski experience...is that you?😂 Does anyone know what that is?🚁 . This pic is from a training flight over the #ColumbiaGlacier, a magical place that everyone should experience before it’s gone...and it is receding rapidly!!! . In the winter months, I come home to the Big Island of Hawaii...and play. I do yoga, lots of it. I freedive, explore, take pics, and just soak up the tropical sunshine. I work my ass off in the summer with very few days off, so I treat winter like it’s one long weekend. And it’s very hard to leave...💙 . On Mondays, just for fun, I post a magic pic, and tag it #MagicAsanaMonday. I’d love for you to join in! Check the tag for inspiration, and you can see my personal magic gallery at #LeighsMAM. . If you’re still reading, drop me a comment and let me know where you’re from!🌎 . And if you have any questions...I’d love to hear from you!🙋‍♀️ . #alpnrock #femalepilot #helicopterpilot #goproaviation #theplayfulyogipilot

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Just got word that I need to head back to work for a couple weeks in late December...so I’m mentally preparing for it...❄️😬 . This photo is from October, right before it really started snowing. It will be a magical winter wonderland when I return!✨❄️ . This time of year in Alaska is not only cold, but it’s dark too. The shortest day of the year is December 21st...winter solstice. In Valdez, on that day, the sun will rise at 10:00am and set at 3:30. And since I only fly during daylight hours, that means I will have just 5.5 hours of potential work each day...😂 . Hmmm, whatever shall I do with my time???🤔🧘‍♀️ . I’ll be well south of the arctic circle. Everything north of the arctic circle won’t even have a sun rise. . Just some fun facts about #Alaska for ya! . Staying warm in @alpnrock 💙 #alaskapilot #alpnrock #theplayfulyogipilot #femalepilot #as350 #helicopter #helicopterpilot

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Just another day at the office... I’m so blessed to work where I do and see the things I get to see...but this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It’s rugged out here! I’m out in the raw elements. I carry survival gear, including a gun, I wear warm clothes and have extra in case I need to make an unscheduled landing. But the good days are spectacular and the rewards far outweigh the risk. _ This shot was from a few months ago...it was starting to get cold, but hadn’t snowed yet and the evening sun was low and bright. We have many hours of daylight in the Alaska summer, so I also have to protect my skin from the harsh elements. I’m so happy I finally found a skincare that I love...it’s simple, feels good and it WORKS! Thank you Fré, for making it easy for me to stay on track with my skin care...especially during my long, busy work days. _ If you’ve been curious and want to try the Fré 123 set, now is the time! They are having their biggest sale ever and the first 50 orders will get 50% off!!!!! Use my code LEIGH15 for half off. 🎉🙌💙 Link in my bio. _ Staying warm in @alpnrock #alpnrock. My🚁ride is @vshelicopters #freskincare #loveyoursweat #loveyourglow #helicopter #helicopterpilot #femalepilot #instahelicopter

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#LetTheElementsInspire Day 7: Balanced/Balancing Pose _ Throw back to last month in Alaska at one of my favorite yoga spots. This is a challenging balancing pose...some days I can find it easily and some days it’s a struggle, just like life I suppose. _ I think balance might be my greatest challenge in life. I am an all or nothing kind of person and I can definitely find myself way out of wack if I don’t pay close attention to the things that keep me feeling balanced and healthy. My yoga practice has definitely been that saving grace for me. _ This past summer was especially challenging and I cherished the moments when I could run off to my favorite spot and just flow. I am the Chief Pilot and Operations manager of a small helicopter company in Valdez, Alaska. @vshelicopters _ This year I had all new employees: three pilots and two front desk staff and I trained each one of them separately. It usually takes one full year before anyone can operate unsupervised at this job, so let’s just say I’m exhausted and happy this summer is over and I can get back to some balance...more life, less work. _ What keeps you balanced? _ Your Hosts: @dianarae.yoga @mama_layla_rose @karina_look_for_beauty @leighyogipilot _ Generous Sponsors: @lovescapesart @niyama_sports @totemmilife @slit_weave @youphoria @yogaclubbox @yogapaws @artistryofintentions @malama.o.aloha @tula.blue @nillbeanaccessories _ Wearing my beautiful art by @lovescapesart and on my favorite #outdooryoga mat by @youphoria, both sponsoring this challenge! Make sure you’re following all the sponsors so you can win some fun goodies!! _ #yogachallenge #balancingpose #lovescapesfam #valdezalaska #femalepilot #theplayfulyogipilot

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Every morning is a chance to start fresh... and this morning is the start of a fresh new month! _ My goal for this month is to meditate for 5 minutes every morning and to learn straddle Pincha press. _ Announcing it makes me accountable! Ok, off to meditate!👏👏👏 _ What are your goals? I’d love to know!💖🙏 _ Sweet leggings by @moonchildyogawear Mala by @jungalisoul Mat and paws by @yogapaws #wearyourmat #pawpad _ #compasspose #outdooryoga #instayoga #theplayfulyogipilot

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Inspired by the elements for this #treeposetuesday! . This world is so beautiful...let’s do everything we can to keep it that way! . For every #treepose posted, @ilovegurus will plant a tree. Just tag them and use hashtag #gurustpt. . I was tagged by the lovely @karina_look_for_beauty, one of my co hosts for the upcoming round two of #LetTheElementsInspire. Keep an eye out for it!! Would my other lovely co hosts @mama_layla_rose and @dianarae.yoga like to #sdy to #plantatree? . Staying warm in @alpnrock 💙 . #alpnrock #choosemountains #theglobalwanderer #asdt @travelalaska #theplayfulyogipilot

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This little birdie is flying South today! I’ll do my best to share some of it with you on my stories! . I’ve been here in Valdez, Alaska, anxiously waiting for a two day weather window to fly this #AS350 #helicopter south to Canada. My route is across a very remote stretch of coastline and will take 5 fuel stops, one customs stop at the Canadian border, and one overnight. . I am thrilled to be taking this sweet @preciseflight Aviators Rescue Ruck, filled with all the best survival gear that I hope I never have to use. It gives me peace of mind that if I do have to make an emergency landing, I’ll have everything I need for a nice impromptu camp out! . But really, I’m hoping for an uneventful weekend flight!❤️🙏 . Wish me blue skies and a smooth tailwind! . #helipilot #femalepilot #survivalgear #avgeeks #pilotlife #theplayfulyogipilot #instaaviation #aviation #gopropilot #rescueruck #airbushelicopter

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Repost @leighemily "edges": [{"node": {"text": "While my passengers look for gold in these hills, I look for bliss.. . Note to self: always wear yoga pants under your flight suit. You never know when the opportunity will arise for some blissful #outdooryoga. . #urbannirvanagirl #totaltula #getoutstayout #asdt #sonya6300 #instayoga #instapilot #goatworthy #alaska #wildernessbabes #welivetoexplore #femalepilot #pilotlife #theplayfulyogipilot"}}]}, "caption_is_edited": false, "edge_media_to_comment": {"count": 142, "page_info": {"has_next_page": true, "end_cursor": "AQBynjGDhPBz8GtkBSvkVYyr0XReuxOyYvRjvXmI65nno0uxgm3_pEX2TxM0JPEvt2AAu1vVfmjyqUoMS_EJ7g4DBjzf8MRicBpTS6q1JMJcoQ"}, "edges": [{"node": {"id": "17845607899223969

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Can you guess what my favorite color is...? 😂🍊👏🚁❄️ . Yup, it’s full blown winter here, so I’ve gotta make my own lively colors! . Spent the day flying in this snow storm...getting my first year pilots trained up on winter flying and how to detect icing conditions by watching the power and performance of the aircraft. Fun stuff and I’ll share some of it on my stories too! . Had to throw in a quick #snowga #treepose in my sweet orange leggings by @kulikclothing 🍊 . #helicopter #helipilot #kulikclothing #theplayfulyogipilot #r66 #tpt #gurustpt #femalepilot #ipullpitch

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A natural mind, holds no beliefs -unknown Pict by @leighyogipilot

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Let’s kick off this week with a little magic! . Happy #MagicAsanaMonday beautiful friends!✨💖✨ . Thanks for all your fun ideas and help with my name change! If you missed it, you can still vote in my stories for another few hours. . I’ll be changing my name tomorrow, but don’t worry, I think you’ll still recognize me...I hope!😅☺️ . Every Monday I share a fun magic pic and I’d love for you to join me! It’s just for fun and to help spread smiles on Monday’s. . Anything goes...simply tag a photo that makes you smile. Check out #MagicAsanaMonday for fun ideas or if you just need a smile.😄 . You can check out my personal magic gallery at #LeighsMAM. . PS You can win some @yogapaws or these sweet @re3life leggings over on @theultimateyogagiveaway. We still have 9 days left and 9 more prizes to giveaway!!! Odds are good, but you can only win if you enter! Good luck! . #magicmonday #wearyourmat #re3 #igyoga #instayoga #outdooryoga #goatworthy #heliyoga #theplayfulyogipilot #yogaphotography #sonya6300

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Office with a view! . Most helicopter pilots think the H is for helipad, but it’s most definitely for Handstands! . What else would I do while waiting for my passengers?😂🙃🚁🤸🏻‍♀️ . #helicopterpilot #femalepilot #as350 #verticalmag #theplayfulyogipilot #helicopter #pilotlife #rotorcraftpro #instaaviation #instahelicopter . #hollowback #handstand for beautiful hosts of #gracefullystrongyogis2 @elena_miss_yoga @kimterpstra_yoga @lancuks_yoga. Great challenge Ladies!🙏 . #yogipilot leggings by @base.turn