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Condemned since 2007, the Don Branch used to carry CP freight traffic downtown. As industry moved north, the route was no longer needed so the last train was CP’s holiday train in Dec 2007. Believe me when I say, I wish I was there to see it go 😩 . . #watchthisinstagood #streetleaks #moodygrams #SDMfeatures #illgrammers #igpodium #daily_crossing #streets_vision #jm_track_series #agameoftones #createcommune #meistershots #rsa_streetview #theimaged #eisenbahnfotografie #hsdailyfeature #way2ill #mobilemag #railways_of_our_world #gearednomad #鉄道 #sonyalpha #artofvisuals #железнаядорога #fatalframes #trains_worldwide #streetshared #heatercentral #ferrovia #urbanandstreet

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Don't stair at me!

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Actor, host, and event producer @brandonanthony_ can pull off a plain white T better than anyone I know!

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Simplicity in design⚔️

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Stgo 2033 🚀📸 #sebaos

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Back on this grind 🎲

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I still feel the same

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I’m bougie so bitch don’t get near. #migos #motorsport

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Art. Smiling is a healthy way. #art #arte #smile #smiling #healthylife #way #way2ill

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• maybe I should move • canon 6dmii [1/3]

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I’m trying everyday to be the best version of myself. A better version of myself. To be happy and healthy. Sometimes I think that simply starts the moment you allow yourself to have fun. To not take yourself too seriously. To laugh. To let lose. To live. To love. So I guess you could say I’m out here living it up. Tearing up dance floors one song at a time and pounding pavement one mile at a time. Better, healthier and fucking happier than ever. And to all of you amazing people in my life - near and far - I hope the same for every last one of you.

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If the Trail you are walking on is right for you, you’re going in the right Direction. I ask myself this Question everyday: Am I making the right Decision and I don’t exactly have a direct Answer. Yes, I’ve made Mistakes but I have also made Decisions that led me the right Way. Right now, I’m still trying to figure it out. I’ve been traveling for 2 Years and I have been to 14 Countries in that Time. That’s the best Decision of my Life I’ve made so far. My Advice to you ist to follow your Dreams and don’t let others choose your Future. It’s your Life, so you get to choose; but choose wisely. Sometimes People make bad Decisions and they only realize it, when it’s too late. Just keep one Things in Mind: Always Stay Positive!

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It's all about the details ⚡️ ---------------- #SimbaSundayz

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Retratos anônimos

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Feelin blue?

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A beautiful bowl of Gaeng Panaeng. A red curry dish with coconut milk, kaffir lime, egg plant, red chili and chicken