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Nothing like some morning tiger curls to build up that core strength 🐯 #tigercurlsundays

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Be careful what you wish for!

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164 YOGA POSES in 8mins just uploaded in YouTube. One of the best video I have made. 💚 Don’t miss it. And don’t forget to 💚subscribe, 💚like and 💚share with your friends. YouTube link on my boi. #yoga #yogini #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposes #hathayoga #astangaprimaryseries #yoginilifestyle #yogafederation #yogalooksgood #yogapractice #yogaalignment #yogatutorials #yogajournal #yogateacher #yogagials #yogainspiration #Yogamotivation #youtuber #yogachallenge #yogafitness #yogagirl #yogafamyogatribe #yogafun #youtube #yogaloveryogaphotography #yogaflow #peace #tibetan #tibetangirl

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Compass pose is an intermediate pose that takes a lot of patience. There is some technique involved, but it’s mostly flexibility so it’s all about working through prep poses over time . There are 3 main areas that needs to be open in order to make this pose accessible: 1. Hamstrings 2. Hips (external rotation) 3. Side body . If you struggle with this pose, start incorporating the prep poses in your daily practice. It will take time for the body to open up, so don't force the pose . Half split • Keep the hips squared (even if it means you don’t go as deep) • Keep the front foot flexed • Keep the spine long (even if it means you don’t fold forward as deep) Use a block under your palms if you need to. Inhalations feel the spine lengthening, and exhalations try to fold deeper from the hip (not the upper body) . Lizard pose • Sink the hips low. Keep your back knee down to reduce the intensity and focus on the breathe • Keep the spine long. Look forward instead of down. You can place the palms on blocks, on the floor, or if you’re flexible enough, forearms on the ground. Inhalations think of lengthening the spine, and exhalations think of relaxing the muscles around the hip so that you can sink further. For the last few breathes, push your knee open while trying to keep the foot flat on the ground, to really feel the external rotation of the hip. . Side stretch • Focus on feeling the stretch from the hips all the way to the finger tips • Keeping both hips grounded - if one hip is lifted, then you’ve gone too far. • Keep your top arm by your ear, and think of looking up so that you keep the chest open • Keep the top fingers engaged so that you can actively feel the stretch on the entire side body Inhalations feel the stretch from the hip to the fingertips, and exhalations relax but keep the chest lifted. . In compass pose • to straighten the top leg, flex the top foot and press through the heel • push the shoulder against the extended leg, and look towards your armpit. Think of keeping the chest open • the hip of the extended leg would lift, but think of energetically grounding it to prevent too much compression on the side body. . Above all, breathe and try to smile

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Paradise Spam ... shoutout to all my friends on the other side of the globe freezing their asses off 😁 #nofilterneeded

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Aura / ohr/light ----- thought speach and deed are the garments of the soul... check out this cool video demonstration the way our "light" changes based on our actions /mitzvos ------ #torahemet #emes #bokerohr #bossmelech #aurora #goodvibetribe #yogatutorials

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#howtoyogawithjib 🦄 I am jumping on the band wagon of #yogaelementschallenge 🚌 I am offering 3 fun variations and the classic chair. If you want to get your blood pumping and the heart pounding, be sure to include chair pose and these variations into your daily practice. 💘 Happy practicing! . . . @yogawithjib #yogachallenges #yogachallenge #chairpose #yoga #โยคะ #utkatasana #yogatutorials #twistedchairpose #yogatutorial #yogaalignment

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Day 8️⃣ of 🕉 #AsanaMyths 📖 is #Astavakrasana #EightAnglePose. - “While in his mother’s womb, Astavakra used to hear his father reciting the mantras of the Vedas. Astavakra’s father sometimes mispronounced words, which made Astavakra wince and twist in pain. When he could not take it anymore, he corrected his father by speaking from the belly of his mother. His father took offense and cursed Astavakra, which caused his body to bend in eight places. And so he was born with a crippled body. - One day when he was grown, Astavakra decided to go to the court of King Janaka to hear the philosophical discussions that went on in the assembly. “... “When Astavakra entered the court, the whole assembly started to laugh at the sight of his crooked body.”... - “Astavakra answered, “I was hoping to find great yogis here, but I have made my journey in vain because I have only found shoemakers in your assembly. They see only skin. They do not see the atma, the soul. They have no realization of the soul and the Supreme Soul. They merely see the surface, and base their judgments solely on this. This is the occupation of a cobbler, who is always saying: ‘This skin is good; that skin is not good. This one is smooth; that one is rough.’”... - “The story of Astavakrasana shows that external appearance does not say very much about what lives in the heart, and we may easily be misguided. The story of Astavakrasana also demonstrates that we can practice yoga no matter what the state of our body. Our flexibility is measured not by the length of our muscles, but by our willingness to step up to our challenges.” - Hosts: 🧘🏻‍♀️ @greenideas80 🧘🏻‍♂️ @yogi_james Sponsors: 📖 @alannakaivalya 🥥 @cocojoyusa 🐘 @dontmesswithganesh 🎁 @littlelifebox 🏃🏻‍♀️ @marthaacunasportwear 📿 @rubinocollection 🐾 @yogapaws

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(Watch till then end for a little lol‼️) • The new Wednesday Quickie is on our FB page (link in bio)↘️ • Do you know that feeling when you start losing control over your emotions? 😖😭😡😱 • Whatever it is: anger, disappointment, overwhelming sadness, fear or stress… maybe you’re losing patience… you name it. • What happens next is: you struggle to think clearly, find solutions or see the positive side of things... you might overreact and make decisions you’ll later regret… seriously, who needs that 💩? • The deal is though: it's NOT about suppressing it or pretending it is not there, either.⚠️ • You want to find this sweet spot, the golden middle, where you allow yourself to experience the emotion (maybe even trying to understand it better), while not giving it the power over you. ❌ • Today I’ll show you a stillness/mindfulness technique you can use to manage your emotions.✅ • You can use it anytime and anywhere you need: while standing in a queue, sitting at your desk… whatever works. • And of course, the sooner, the better. You want to use it when the emotion is still at its early stage — when it’s a baby, not a full-grown monster.👾 • Anyway, once you're done, let me know your thoughts.🤗 • As usual, thank you for showing up for yourself. See you next week. 🔥 • #alllevelsyoga #cheekyyogaclub #mindfulmama #yogaforbeginners #yogaforbeginner #groundingenergy #groundingmyself #grounding #meditationforkids #yogaforall #yogaforlife #yogaforlargerbodies #yogaformoms #yogaformen #yogavideo #yogatutorial #yogatutorials #onlineyoga #onlineyogaclasses #mindfulnessmatters #reebokwomen #mindfulnessmeditation #womenhealth #womensfitness #meditationvibes #meditationmusic #beginnersyoga #yogaforteens #yogavideos #yogaformentalhealth

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Sometimes I think we should be more like dogs - finding so much joy in the simplest things,embracing every single moment as they come, and showing unconditional love.🐶

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How do you start your day? I start my day by asking myself what it is that I need to do this morning to set myself for the best day possible. Every day is a different answer, but one thing always stays the same - there is always some kind of combination of movement, nature, journalling, meditation and hydration..... what about you?

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#howtoyogawithjib 🦄 I am jumping on the band wagon of #yogaelementschallenge 🚌 I am offering 3 fun variations and the classic chair. If you want to get your blood pumping and the heart pounding, be sure to include chair pose and these variations into your daily practice. 💘 Happy practicing! . . . #yogachallenges #yogachallenge #chairpose #yoga #โยคะ #utkatasana #yogatutorials #twistedchairpose #yogatutorial #yogaalignment

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When there is magic sprinkled in the air ✨

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Sometimes I like to make food and take photos of it 🥦🍌🍓

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Homemade gluten free vegan ROSEMARY OLIVE BREAD ... experimenting with what to do with all of my almond pulp (from making your own almond milk).... I think we have a winner 🤗

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When learning inversions like pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), the name of the game is twofold: your foundation is extremely important, and then the goal is to stack your joints - ankles over knees over hips over shoulders over elbows. For the foundation, a strap around your upper elbows, shoulder-width apart, paired with hands on the floor hugging a block is perfect. Keep your gaze on the mat between your elbows. Eventually you'll stop kicking up there and use ab strength, as well as practice away from the wall, but work your practice where you are. I was a little too far from the wall for this, but you can also put your feet on the wall to help you get your knees, hips and shoulders in line and extend your feet up from there. Press your arms into the floor, hug your shoulders in, tighten the muscles on the sides of your rib cage - and keep practicing! These poses can take a long time to master, but you'll learn a lot in the process. :)

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Sea mist and 🌲🌳🌴

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To all my beautiful brisbane peeps.... I am coming for you! As I continue to go through wonderful journey called life, I continue to learn and grow and explore the things I love. As many of you know, it brings me so much joy to be able to share my passion with you... So that’s just what I am going to do! So if you or anyone you know want to learn how to make healthier choices in your life, or simply spend a day nourishing yourself, maybe this could be it. Follow the link in my bio for details. Please share it around with anyone you might this is interested, and I hope to see you there 💕

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Lengthen and strengthen, Take the ego out of the equation, and just breathe.🌬 #kumbhakasana #plankpose

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They are the special ones 💕

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#12DAYSOFHANDSTANDS DAY 9: FINDING YOUR BALANCE DRILL So now you have the strength and mobility to handstand, we’ve gotten used to the shape using the wall it’s time to find your balance ☯️ this drill was extremely useful for me in finding your balance, I hope it does the same for you 💕 What: - Start from our lovely Wall pike L shape that we discovered on day 7. - From here lift one leg into the air stacking it over the hips or a little further - Start to shift more weight into your hands as you flex the foot touching the wall, floating the foot off the wall - Continue to slowly release the foot from the wall and tap it back until you find the spot in which you are balanced, this is the point where you feel weightless and like you are perfectly balanced over the hands - From here engage he inner thighs and slowly start to bring the legs together - Balance as long as you can - Repeat on both legs times one million until you are a balance pro 🙌💕 Seriously this is the best balance drill I’ve used, try it out and let me know what you think 💕 Balancing on the beautiful @warriormats ✨ check these mats out the top is soft and easy to grip (perfect handstand mat) and the patterns are super cute 😍 obsessing over these mats #supportlocal

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Surround yourself with people who lift you higher... that’s certainly what this lady @becsisaacs does, along with all of these other incredible men, women and children who came together to get bendy, raise our vibration and support a good cause @breastcancer_awareness 💗💗💗

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Stormy Sundays 🌩

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So many of you chose #wheelpose for your #ChooseYourResolution #backbend pose to work on, so I wanted to share some of my favorite warm ups with you! . 1.) #leighsdoorwayshoulderstretch is fantastic and honestly it’s a game changer if you can remember to do it daily. . 2.) #PuppyPose is my daily in the shower stretch and is another game changer if practiced regularly. . 3.) If you don’t have a #yogawheel, get one. It’s the single best #yogaprop I’ve ever invested in and has done more for my backbend practice and spinal health than I can express to you. Code Leighemily will get you 10 bucks off a @yogaprowheel or you can sign up to be an ambassador yourself. But all the wheels are good...doesn’t matter what brand. . 4.) #hipflexorstretch is soooooo important for your wheel pose practice. Don’t skip it!!! Spend 10 breaths on each side...at your edge. You are looking for stretch in quad and hip flexor....NOT pain in your knee. Back off if you feel pain. Use towels for comfort. . 5.) Be good to your wrists. Mine hurt, so I found if I put blocks at an angle between the floor and wall, then my wrists don’t have to bend as much. You can do this without a baseboard to prop them on, you just have to be careful...use a sticky mat. Work towards kissing the wall...pretend it’s your long lost Lover you haven’t seen in forever...😘🤣 . Do this whole routine as often as you can...and enjoy the rush as your back/chest starts opening, little by little, but never push through real pain. You can tell the difference between nudging at your edge and real pain that tells you injury is imminent. Be smart and listen to your body. . If I can do this, YOU can do this! I’ve had surgery on my right shoulder for a torn labrum, I’ve fractured two different vertebrae, and I have scoliosis. No excuses! You’ve got this! . If you don’t yet have blocks for your home practice, DM me and I’ll find you a discount for @yogahustle, the best blocks out there. . Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions or other fabulous wheel pose preps that you want to share! ❤️❤️❤️ . #leighstutorials #leighswheelposetutorial #wheelposeprep #wheelposetutorial #yogatutorials @yoga.tutorials #re3 @re3life

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New Yoga Wheel Video: learn how to practice Butterfly Pose on the wheel. Great for the neck, upper spine and inner thighs. Incorporating these practices into your yoga or fitness routine will make a huge difference to your flexibility and help relieve tight muscles. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and check out the full video on there: https://youtu.be/MrPX3eoOv_Q Peace, E #eugenesabala #wholeshiftwellness #yogawheel #dharmawheel #yogalife #yogatutorials #yogatraining #fitnesstraining #backwardbend #hipopeners #butterflypose #baddhakonasana

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That’s Monday’s problem... for now let’s enjoy the weekend 👶🏼

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So blessed to be part of such an inspiring community. Spending our Saturday morning coming together to get bendy in support of breast cancer awareness. Couldn’t be prouder of you @becsisaacs and all the BYC crew for making a positive difference in this world 💕💗💞 ... 📷 @caitlinjane90

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#ChooseYourResolution Day 2 is any #backbend and I chose my nemesis pose, #chinstand!😱😅 . Have you been inspired by all the #transformationtuesday pics going around? Well it’s time to make your own “before pics!” Join us!!! Tomorrow is only Day 2, so you have plenty of time to catch up! . I am not one of those naturally bendy babes AT ALL! So this one is way out of my comfort zone...in fact I’ve only ever done it like 3 times for challenges. But I know that with practice, patience and perseverance, anything’s possible. _ So here I go, I’ll be practicing this once per week with my babes @elena_miss_yoga @karina_look_for_beauty and @natascha_yoga for #chinnychestythursday, and we’ll see what happens! . If you’re new to this pose like I am, please be careful! I recommend you don’t even try it unless your chest is all the way on the floor in a straight leg puppy pose (you can check out yesterday’s video for a demo of that.) I am using blocks under each shoulder with a space in the middle for my chest to open into. At the very end of my video you can see I tried it without blocks and very quickly knew I wasn’t ready for it. Progress happens with daily practice, not with pushing past your edge. No injuries on my watch please!😘 . You are ALL invited to join! Don’t miss this challenge!!! You’ll kick yourself later when you see our progress pics and you didn’t do this with us!!! . Your Lovely Hosts: @mama_layla_rose @leighyogipilot @beahappyamy @dianarae.yoga . Generous Sponsors: @NUXactive @onzie @mamarooyoga @yogapaws @omgoddess.clothing . Here’s the list we are working from: . Day 1) Standing Balance ✔️ Day 2) Backbend ✔️ Day 3) Forward Fold Day 4) Hip Opener Day 5) Arm Balance Day 6) Inversion Day 7) Yogis Choice . Thanks for the inspiration for this one @yogagirlinhawaii 💖🙏 #yogachallenge #backbend #chinstandtutorial #chinstandvideo #leighstutorials #yogatutorials

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@catvaladezyoga ・・・ Thursday is for tutorials!! Have you missed these? I had a request for #goddesspose recently (although this has many names... horse, utkatakonasana, durgasana) and I'm happy to oblige. Alignment is important to get it right and work it safely. The trick is to start out with your feet wide enough... but the other problem is often when people are TOO wide. In time you'll knoe how wide your feet should be to land correctly. There is a lot of variation between bodies in this so don't worry about perfect lines on all planes of alignment. Focus on the horizontal planes like you're seeing from the angle here. For many it's going to be impossible to be flat vertically and it's not necessary anyway unless your body is capable. When you drop the hips you want knees to land over ankles. Knees and toes point out in the same direction. Avoid allowing knees to shift forward; draw them back. Hips in line with the knees. Pelvic tilt is NEUTRAL. Lean back to bring shoulders over hips (rather than leaning forward). When everything is stacked at least horizontally (from this viewpoint versus from the side-- you don't need to be flat up and down) you should feel the work in the outer hips and glutes. Press strongly through your heels and the balls of your feet (I lift my toes to encourage this), drop the tailbone toward the floor without tucking to limit tilt on the pelvis. Without worrying about vertical alignment just encourage the knees to open wide and draw back. Squeeze your glutes to work all of this and ground down to rise up. Make sure you're breathing! There is major abductor work here which means the inner thighs are getting a stretch. Avoid going into *compression* at the hip joints at the outer hips where thigh meets your buttocks. Compression feels like pressure and pain and its the opposite of a stretch. The compression issue is why alignment and engagement are important here, BUT they are not so important that you're forcing yourself into a shape. Listen to your body! Work it the way you can for you. Questions below! 👇 . . . . . . #howtoyoga #yogaalignment #overachieversguidetoyoga #yogapractice #yogateacher #yogatutorials #yogajour

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Scorpion Pinchamayurasana on progress Wearing Tops @womensbest #womensbest

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What talents are you hiding from us? I've yet to tap into my potential and I can't wait to uncover and reveal my talents...These days I'm in my safe zone with chassidus+yoga postures+essential oil 4over all wellness (mind body soul flow) ... I'm just about prepared to step outside of my comfort zone... more will be revealed that's fo sho..stay tuned fam! #dailyinspo #healthyself #bossmelech #alliwanttodoislearnchassidus #wellcarevssickcare #yleo #yogatutorials #offthemathustle #goalsetting #napoleanhill #abundance

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Who needs processed, chemicals, colours, sugars and lactose filled ice creams when you can make amazing, smooth, creamy, vibrant ice creams like this one just by blending up some frozen fruits! This is mouth watering sheeeet right here 😋🤤😍 #yummers

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Let your light shine ✨🌟⚡️

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Nature 🌿 + Yoga 🙏🏼 = Magic ✨ . Give my website a look-see (link in description) if you'd like to get more green in your life and cultivate some calm for the holidays 🌲 Emerald Earth Yoga is evergreen through the winter! . EmeraldEarthYoga.com | free yoga tutorials | meditations . . . #yogatutorials #yogavideos #mindfulness #earth #peace #yoga #meditation #yogajunkie #yogaaddict #yogalove #nature #yogapractice #getoutside #outdooryoga #yogaoutdoors #yogafit #fityoga #instayoga #yogalife #everydayyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaoutside #evergreen #yogapose #healthconscious #getoutside #naturelover #healthyholidays #health #healthylifestyle

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🔔 Wednesday Quickie 📣 Today is dedicated to all the lovely snoozing monsters out there, you know who you are.🔇 🛌 • ✴️ Link to the full tutorial in bio ⏪ • All you need is to find the strength to roll into Child Pose... after this you're good.🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Benefits: ✅ Child Pose will gently stretch your lower back and hips; the "little shark fin" will gently stretch your shoulders and triceps (and, of course, will help awaken your INNER BEAST, hungry for the new challenges.) ✅ The twists will activate your spine and tenderly massage your abdominal organs, preparing them for breakfast. ✅ The backbend will open your chest, smoothly increase the mobility of your spine and stimulate your nervous system (meaning: will help you wake up). 📌 A side note: at this point, the only thing missing for your spine would be side the stretches so if you can squeeze them in, by all means, do. As usual, let me know how this session makes you feel. The comment section below is all yours, OWN IT!✌️ Thank you for showing up for yourself.🙏👏👍 See you next week. • #alllevelsyoga #cheekyyogaclub #cheekyyoga #yogaforbeginners #yogaforbeginner #riseandshinebitches #childpose #snoozing #snoozingaway #yogaforall #yogaforlife #yogaforlargerbodies #yogaformoms #yogaformen #yogavideo #yogatutorial #yogatutorials #onlineyoga #onlineyogaclasses #reebokuk #reebokwomen #reebokpolska #womenhealth #womensfitness #riseandshine #riseandshine☀️ #beginnersyoga #yogaforteens #yogavideos #yogaformentalhealth

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This sequence of poses is used in this weeks advanced class to prepare for backbends. A simple cross leg position is developed in a matsyasana direction using two blocks. All of the preparatory poses leading into backbends in this weeks class are chosen for their ability to open the thoracic spine. Stage 1. Although appearing passive from the outside, this pose entails actively pressing your shoulders down and actively lifting the spine between your shoulder blades up. Stage 2. Two blocks are now positioned on their side edge. One sits in the thoracic and the other behind the skull. The blocks help to develop the opening from the previous pose. Stage 3. The blocks are now made taller by standing them on their ends. The lift in your thoracic spine is increased without the need for muscular effort. Your arms can now be folded and brought over your head. Stage 4. The final stage involves lowering the head block so that the crown of the head can come back and down. This maximises the lift in the chest region. Your arms can now be actively extended. The palms of your hands and your shoulder blades move in opposite directions. It is important to work to your capacity here. The four stages are intended for experienced students. If you are newer to backbends then the first two stages will work best. See more at yogaselection.com.

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This image shows the backbend component of this weeks upcoming advanced class on yogaselection.com. The class is based around a sequence that prepares you for eka pada viparita dandasana, where alternate legs are extended upwards from the backbend position. The class will also be helpful for students who are looking to progress from urdhva dhanurasana to dwi pada viparita dandasana. Some of the preparatory chest opening poses use blocks to develop a simple cross leg position towards matsyasana. The class will be released this week. Head to the website for more details.

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I don’t think I will ever get sick of being able to go for a surf and do yoga before work 🙏🏼🏄🏼‍♀️☀️ #beachlifeisthebestlife

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Sometimes the personal trainer in me comes out and I like to change up my morning yoga routine by adding some weights in to the mix to build strength and stability. Nothing like a bit of Vrksasana (tree pose) with some upright rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and shoulder extensions 💪🏼🙏🏼👍🏼 #pleaseexcusemyface #concentration #yogawithweights #stregnthyoga

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Indicaciones #Repost @theclassyoga (@get_repost) ・・・ #urdhvamukasvanasana #upwardfacingdog o #perrobocaarriba una de las posturas básicas de la práctica de yoga. Esta postura es diferente a la cobra o #bhujangasana en la que los codos están flexionados (pero igualmente los hombros en linea con las muñecas) y las piernas en el suelo. . Tips: hombros separados de las orejas (muy imp), hombros y muñecas alineados, pecho abierto, mirada hacia arriba, empeines apoyados en el suelo y piernas muy activas y elevadas. . Beneficios: estiramiento de la columna vertebral, fortalece muñecas, brazos y piernas, expande la caja torácica. . Taller backbends sábado 16/12 #lucialiencrestutoriales #yogaeverydamnday #doyourpracticeandalliscoming #yoga #yogalover #yogamadrid #yogaparaprincipiantes #yogaaddict #igyoga #yogatutorials #secomotuquieras

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Hells yeah! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

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🌴 Someday I'll have my perfect place to film my tutorials. Green plants galore, trees, sunshine, a nice wooden platform so I'm not all wobbly on the uneven grass. Someday... . . . EmeraldEarthYoga.com | free yoga tutorials | meditations 🙏🏼 . . . #yogatutorials #yogavideos #filming #earth #peace #yoga #meditation #yogajunkie #yogaaddict #yogalove #nature #yogapractice #getoutside #outdooryoga #yogaoutdoors #yogafit #strength #instayoga #yogalife #everydayyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaoutside #innerpeaceoutdoors #yogapose #getyouryogaon #getoutside #naturelover #natureyoga #naturemeditation #prakriti

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#urdhvamukasvanasana #upwardfacingdog o #perrobocaarriba una de las posturas básicas de la práctica de yoga. Esta postura es diferente a la cobra o #bhujangasana en la que los codos están flexionados (pero igualmente los hombros en linea con las muñecas) y las piernas en el suelo. . . Tips: hombros separados de las orejas (muy imp), hombros y muñecas alineados, pecho abierto, mirada hacia arriba, empeines apoyados en el suelo y piernas muy activas y elevadas. . . Beneficios: estiramiento de la columna vertebral, fortalece muñecas, brazos y piernas, expande la caja torácica. . . . Taller backbends sábado 16/12 de 17.30 a 20h (todos los niveles) + info link perfil . . . #lucialiencrestutoriales #yogaeverydamnday #doyourpracticeandalliscoming #yoga #yogalover #yogamadrid #yogaparaprincipiantes #yogaaddict #igyoga #yogatutorials #secomotuquieras

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Day 5. #SoulBalanceYogis 🌠 ANY BACKEND: One-Legged King Pigeon 👑🕊 - There are maaany excellent YouTube videos that can help you develop back flexibility, even if your goal has nothing to do with making the shape of a pigeon in your garden while being bitten by mosquitoes. #theperksofbeingatropicalsoul 🌴 - If you don't know where to start, I'd recommend the following videos/ig tutorials: - 1. How To Improve Back Flexibility (@lazydancertips) 2. Yoga for Opening the Shoulders (@ekhartyoga) 3. One or two of these awesome Instagram tutorials by Roxanne Gan (@roxanne_yoga): • Shoulders, Neck/Upper Body Stretches • Using Blocks (or books) To Open Shoulders and Back — BUT BE CAREFUL, since some of this are quite deep if you're a beginner! • Quads and Hips Flexors Stretches • Lying Down Stretches • Restorative Yoga: Counter Backbends 4. Back to YouTube, any class of your level by Adriene Mishler (@fwfglife), Kassandra Reinhardt (@yoga_with_kassandra), or Candace Moore (@yogabycandace) ❤🦄 - Usually I do all those steps or I change the last one for a personal flow 😊 - If you want me to send you the link of any of these videos/tutorials, just DM me! HOSTS: @thegypsyzest @musfirah.asri SPONSORS: @sleehcom @alandmash @oilsforeveryfamily @shineonyoga.gems

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#MonNThursBackbend . . . Wishing everyone a Wheely Good night / day (pick one 😅) . . . I'm with the former, I'm so full 🤢 and sleepy 😴 rn , good night luffs 😙😙😙😙. . . . Outfit : @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess . . . #Yoga #YogaEverydamnday #YogaEveryday #WheelPose #JeminaJakin #BipolarSurvivor #Scoliosiswillnotstopme #PracticeAndAllIsComing #Yogi #Yogini #yogatips #yogatutorials

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Now this is a TACO! My not-quite-raw taco... it’s just a big ol cos leaf filled with my famous carrot pulp ‘meat’, avocado, mushrooms, mango & tomato salsa, a bit of purple sweet potato, and some Brazil nut parmy sprinkled on top! Delicious.... All I can say is that the day you discover cos leafs as tacos is a life changing day... 🌮🌮🌮 #yummers

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No worries 🐳