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While in the Arctic with the @Sea_Legacy expedition crew a few months ago, @CristinaMittermeier and I documented a starving polar bear roaming through an abandoned Inuit camp along the shores of Baffin Island. A noted bear biologist could not pinpoint exactly what had caused this bear to starve to death. We do know that he didn’t have any visible wounds and that he was not old. At one time, this bear would have been a big healthy male, like the beautiful bear pictured here. Many of you asked if we could have saved the starving bear or euthanized him to ease his pain. Thank you for all your engagement and for caring about these bears as much as I do. The truth—which is hard to hear—is that he was on his last legs. His muscles had atrophied beyond repair. Plus, it would have been highly illegal to feed him or approach him. Obviously, we could not euthanize him, for legal, cultural and personal reasons. Instead of becoming angry or hopeless, we must work harder for solutions. There is hope for the remaining population of 25,000 polar bears. It’s up to all of us to change our habits if we want to see results. Click the link in my bio to learn more about these solutions and how they will work towards drawdown, where the warming of the planet finally stops, and reverses.

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2017.12.06. 19:21



2017.12.09. 12:55
So you used a heart wrenching story about a dying polar bear to promote your philosophy on global warming even though you don't know how it was dying? And then argued you were incapable of doing anything more for this one poor animal? That's despicable.


2017.12.09. 13:47
@daccer88 global warming is not a philosophy. Is a threatening reality and it is destroying our planet and its leaving species. They explained very well that the cause for starving is unknown as well as that, due to global warming, There was not immediate seal meat available for the bear to hunt. What they could do? Do you assume reporters travel with hundreds of Kgs of seal meat to feed wild polar bears (illegal, btw) or with tranquilizer guns? The only thing they could do to help, if not this single one, but maybe all the other population in danger, was to document the pain ignorance and selfishness are causing to this planet. Educating one they can save hundreds. It’s despicable you can’t understand this.


2017.12.09. 14:04
@jchowj the description not the photo


2017.12.09. 14:21
I am so sad. What have we done to our planet?


2017.12.09. 14:30
@jooycechong yah I know lol


2017.12.09. 14:35
Beautiful photo ❄️💙


2017.12.09. 14:52
@mrspelizzi They have resources to do more if they want, my goodness, they fly all over the world to take pictures and videos. Sad when the story takes precedence over the possibility of salvation of the one. How about we spend that money, getting a vet to that animal. And by the way, if we don't know for a fact that the animal was dying from starvation how can we promote the cause by using the animal? I'm not arguing against global warming; I'm arguing against using a victim of it to promote it, and then doing nothing for the specific creature you say is affected by it. And don't excuse the lack of effort with some preposterous idea that they don't carry kilos of seal meat with them. They have phones, have contacts. No excuses.


2017.12.09. 15:04
Amazing photos always


2017.12.09. 17:12
👌 👍 👍


2017.12.09. 18:53
@catrionaloing Yes thats well said but you missed my point. I am not asking for ways that I can help, believe me ive researched it to deapest depths you can imagine. What i AM saying is that for years now everyone is talking about the issue and that WAS a great first step, but now is the time to talk about the solutions. And this needs to come from @sea_legacy and @paulnicklen because they have the global audience. Not everyone is good at research and THOSE people have been asking for ways to help. THEY are frusterated at the issue and feeling helpless. And their efforts are just as important as those of a person who is good at finding answers. If we want change we need to find a way to engage EVERYBODY. And to do that, people and organizations that are considered role models for change need to start posting those long lists of what people can do to help because when the general public looks for answers they will start looking at @sea_legacy and such sites. The information needs to be easy for majority to find if we want the whole world to change, we can't "hope" people will do their research.


2017.12.09. 19:07
@steffenwalvius i am not attacking anyone on any shortcommings. I am asking for the role models in change like @paulnicklen and @sea_legacy to provide the details on how people can help in small and big ways because not everyone is great at research, and when people start looking for answers, they will start with organisations like @sea_legacy. If we trully want the world to change than we need to make it easy for them to find out how. I can post about the solutions untill my fingers fall off, but the truth is that i would not reach even a quarter of the audience that @paulnicklen can reach. Those with a large global audience are the ones who need to dtart talking about the solutions.


2017.12.09. 20:21
Потрясающее фотография🙌🏻✨


2017.12.09. 22:31
@paulnicklen maybe you should also travel with some provision. Its so important the work you're doing to keep us all in the know so we can act and be aware but it leaves the feeling of more could/ should be done in the moment. Very sad.


2017.12.10. 00:37
@philliekatsir perfectly summed up👌. We need to act now for ourselves and those beautiful innocent animals. Thank you @paulnicklen 👏 for spreading truth and enlightening us all on what goes on in the lives of all beings, good😊 and bad😢


2017.12.10. 00:39
I support and respect your decision/obligation to not help this bear. You were helping an entire species by filming this and bringing awareness to the public, feeding this bear (if it could have even survived) would illegally be putting a bandaid on a much deeper wound. I'm sorry this has become so controversial, because you guys did nothing wrong.


2017.12.10. 01:23
This one looks healthy!


2017.12.10. 01:39
Thank you @paulnicklen for bringing awareness to the masses. #saveourworld


2017.12.10. 04:13
Thank you for not only bringing awareness to the masses all of whom contribute to the warming of our planet, but a way to help reverse it. I will be clicking on that link and engaging with your solutions. I pray we can save the remaining bears and our planet. How did it come to this 🤦‍♀️


2017.12.10. 05:20
Beautiful beast. Healthy and fat.


2017.12.10. 05:32
C'est dramatique, et avec mon camarade et compagnon PasPAR4 nous avons plastiquement traité ce thème qui ne devrait pas en être un :


2017.12.10. 05:33
Comment liker, où est le coeur ? Je bulle, à défaut...


2017.12.10. 05:43
@pouncingpanzer It’s so easy to tell us what you would do in this situation. Harder to actually be in this situation. Instead of posting unhelpful and, quite frankly, juvenile, responses online, read the links that Paul is posting and be thankful for the work he and other activists are doing to raise our awareness.


2017.12.10. 06:13
I couldn't even watch the video, only to think that it was a starving/dying bear was painful enough. Thanks for raising awareness, you do an awesome work.


2017.12.10. 07:13


2017.12.10. 09:15
@aimeeoooo if you think my comments are immature, I can't help you. I thought I was quite civil simply stating what I personally believe in. If that isn't that same as you believe in, that doesn't make me wrong. That just makes you a liberal. Here, have some cheese with that whine, whilst I put a dying animal down. Might want to look away for I wouldn't want my lack of political correctness to change the flavor of your Wheaties. So enjoy those Wheaties, and keep dishing that two cents out, most probably won't cash it in though.


2017.12.10. 13:33
I clicked the link to find ways I could help as an individual ....was expecting to see 1) don’t fly on jets 2) don’t use hairspray 3) don’t eat meat....exact steps humans can take to help global warming. Instead I see DONATE NOW!!!! help you take more pictures and fly more jets around the world to get more donations. I see where this is going.


2017.12.10. 14:29
Love your work!! Keep doing and let the world see!!! 💪💪💪


2017.12.10. 15:56
Thank you for being brave enough to document these heartbreaking tales


2017.12.10. 17:31
@macadamiiia i highly doubt he planned on encountering a dying polar bear. Its not like taking in an abondened kitten. All he had was a backpack and a camera. We humans are corrupt, we are letting the polar bears go into extinction. Why are we so terrible?


2017.12.10. 17:31
@chelle_ll let nature take its course, as it doing now, as its always done.


2017.12.10. 17:35
😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 thank you for your work and dedication. People like me who cant afford a tv let alone to travel would never know whats going on around the world. I use the wifi on coffee shops and look through whats happening around the world to the animals.


2017.12.10. 19:20
Nice photo! I love what you do!I love bears!


2017.12.10. 20:43


2017.12.10. 22:52
You can’t interfere with nature. That’s why we are in such a mess. We need to raise our consciousness and we can do that by eating the right food, being at one with the world, following the right path and meditating. Which is all very hard when we are surrounded by man made distractions from finding our true home. ✌️🙄🕉🌝🌚


2017.12.11. 03:14


2017.12.11. 05:30
@love.evee my point exactly !!! They should have TRIED. Calling animal rescue teams is not illegal. And even if he couldn’t have been saved in the end , at leaSt they would have put effort . There’s no excuse letting him go like that !!!


2017.12.11. 06:39


2017.12.11. 07:12
@linzigaelwhitt i think of that all the time


2017.12.11. 09:39
@aimeeoooo @mizperez22 I bet you two have never ever seen anything similar to a real wild forest or habitat. And actually, if you seek to go out in remote areas like this island where the polar bear was captured you are not going without some kind of protection, if its even legal, because in countries like norway its prohibited to enter without a gun. I am sorry if we are just pure honest with our opinion and try to question with our human empathy the scenary of a sane human filming a suffering animal to its death, rather than taking a quick action to help him. jornalism put aside, i simply cant understand with all the options in hand, choosing to hold the camera over calling sanctuaries for help, taking a gun to end his suffering, I would have praised him more if he would have done this step, than just filming his death. that for me is the humanity I am missing in these pictures. Cant wrap my head around that nobody aknowledges this fact.



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