Shawn Heinrichs

Conservationist/Founder @bluespherefoundation Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer & Photographer, Shark & Manta Defender #RacingExtinction

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#Repost @hannahmermaid ・・・ 🐳~JOINING THE WHALE POD!~🐋 Photo by @shawnheinrichs Model: @hannahmermaid ' #Swimming way out in the ocean and looking down at the endless #blue depths, gorgeous rays of sunlight sparkling down into the endless #depths of the ocean, I saw a huge mother whale begin to surface underneath me, getting larger and larger! I realized I could end up in the whale's blowhole, or its mouth and I didn't know what to do! But the #whales seemed so aware of their own size, and they came up within a couple of feet of me. You can feel intelligence emanating from them. You look them in the eye and there's this ancient consciousness looking back. I knew at that moment that I would put my life on the line to #protect these creatures. I felt so #grateful that even after hundreds of years of humans decimating their species, they’re still so curious, interactive and #joyful. ~ Hannah 🐳 Whaling is cruel and unnecessary and must stop! Commercial whaling is banned internationally. Trade in whale products is forbidden and demand is falling. Yet, every year, Japan, Norway and Iceland kill around 1,500 whales between them. There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea. Many die a slow, painful death. This slaughter is pointless. 🐳 Here’s a TO DO LIST on how you can help: 🐳 Search online for petitions to sign to 'End Whaling' 🐋 I support 🐋 -Japan has completed its whaling season in the northwest Pacific Ocean having killed 177 #whales in 2017. In the 2016 season Japanese whalers took 333 minke whales in the Southern #Ocean, almost 200 of them pregnant females. While Japan is a signatory to the (IWC) moratorium on whale hunting, Tokyo exploits a loophole each year by saying its hunt is 'scientific research' 😢 . #love #Hannahmermaid #hannahfraser #shawnheinrichs #mermaid #❤️ #realmermaid #underwaterperformer #underwater #underwaterphotography #swim #dive #breathhold #apnea #freedive #water #planetocean #oceaninspired #oceanconservation

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💙🐳 It’s been such an honor to work with the incredibly talented, creative, and passionate teams at @racingextinction @oceanicpreservationsociety @vulcanproduction @obscuradigitalsf to inspire people on a grand scale to love, respect, and protect some of our favorite ocean critters. This video is from 2 years ago when we illuminated the Vatican with captivating wildlife imagery and one goal - inspire people to take action on climate change. Remember: We can all take part in solving the critical issues of our time. #RacingExtinction #FiatLux #OurCommonHome #ARTivism #TurningTheTide #BlueSphereFoundation

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WHALE SHARK encounter during our inaugural @bluespherefoundation @misool.resort trip!!! What an incredible encounter we were treated to at @misool.resort 🌊🙏🏻😊 While filming Mobula Rays and GTs hammer an anchovy baitball, the dense curtain of fish suddenly parted and a 10 foot juvenile female whale shark emerged. She was so curious and came right up to investigate our dive group during our safety stop. This little girl was a bundle of energy, zipping around as she chased the anchovies then coming straight back to us multiple times for a closer look. I have been filming for over a decade in Misool and finally it was our turn to experience a whale shark encounter in this incredible marine reserve. 🙏🏻🦈🦋 #whaleshark #lovewhalesharks @reddigitalcinema

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🐳SWIMMING WITH SINGING WHALES 💙Text by the talented @hannahmermaid: ‘As I undulated straight down into the endless blue using my mermaid tail to propel me, the pre-historic sounds of the whale’s song began to envelop my body. Reaching a depth of 50 ft, I came upon it’s enormous barnacled tail, which alone was twice the length of me! The whale was about 50 ft long, standing on it’s head - his nose nearly touching the ocean floor at 100 ft depth. This magnificent singer weighed close to 30 tonnes, and yet was suspended weightless in the ocean as it sang an intricate story punctuated by whistles, clicks, grunts and arcing melancholy wails. The intensity of the whale song in close proximity was piercing and deep, vibrating through my body like a transmission of information too complex to understand with my ears.. yet my cells resonated with it’s call. Time stood still for a minute as I bathed in a communication from an undoubtedly intelligent and ancient life form… and then my lungs reminded me that I was just a temporary visitor to this underwater world. Regretfully, I turned away from the whale and began my ascent.. the surface seeming so much further away than I could have imagined on the way down.. my lungs beginning to scream, while my mind cautioned me to stay calm and not expend too much energy in a desperate race to the light and life-giving air. Afterwards, when oxygen had flooded my limbs and my heart stopped beating like crazy, I remembered that pure moment of weightless connection .. feeling like my DNA had been re-arranged on a cellular level by the intense vibrations carried by the water. I was overcome with an unusual sensation of joy and sadness all rolled into one. I knew at that moment that I would put my life on the line to protect these creatures. I felt so grateful that even after hundreds of years of humans decimating their species, they’re still so curious, interactive and joyful. ~ Hannah #saveourocean #savethewhales #humpback #mermaid #ARTivism

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Of all the ocean creatures, sharks and rays are now facing perhaps the greatest threats. Targeted primarily for their fins for shark fin soup in Asia, in the past three decades we have wiped out as much as 90-99% of certain regional shark populations. For manta rays, the trade in their gills for Chinese medicine has eradicated some regional populations and driven others to the brink of extinction. The loss of these apex species impacts us in ways most of could never imagine. Consider this: -Over 2 billion people depend on the oceans as their primary source of protein. -Sharks evolved over 400 million years, surviving 4 major extinctions, keeping our oceans in balance. -No other marine animal has the biology and life history characteristics necessary to fill the role that sharks play. I have made it my mission to every day to raise global awareness of the tragedy that is unfolding before us, and fighting to drive change before it is too late. @bluespherefoundation @sea_legacy @racingextinction @wildaid #turningthetide #bluespherefoundation #racingextinction #manta #savesharks

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EPIC ENCOUNTER! 🐟🦈🌀 Misool Bluewater Shark Baitball: Oceanic blacktip, grey reef, and possible bull sharks join bonito as they pursue fleeing sardines! @misool.resort There has been so much to celebrate about the astounding recovery of reefs, reef fish and reef sharks within the Misool Marine Reserve located in Southeast Raja Ampat, Indonesia over the past decade, primarily due to the steadfast enforcement work of Misool’s community ranger patrols. What was once a bastion for shark finners, dynamite fishermen, turtle poachers, longliners and gillnetters, is now a fully protected marine reserve. And the results speak for themselves: an overall increase of 250% in fish biomass within the Misool Marine Reserve in just six years, and a staggering 600% increase in fish biomass on some of the key dive sites! The rebound for reef shark populations has been perhaps even more impressive – the latest study showed 25 times more sharks found inside the Marine Reserve than directly outside of it. And to the delight of divers, oceanic manta ray sightings have also increased 25-fold between 2010 and 2016. But what hasn’t been talked about is what is happening in the blue water, or pelagic zones, within this massive 1220 sq km protected area. This past April, having just returned to Misool’s jetty after and another brilliant dive with oceanic manta rays on a legendary seamount within the reserve, I noticed a disturbance on the surface with birds in chase, just a few hundred meters south of the jetty. We raced out on the dive tender to investigate, and when I jumped into the water, I discovered bonito and dozens of sharks hammering a frantic sardine bait ball! These were not just the ordinary reef sharks found on Misool’s reefs, but instead I found myself surrounded by oceanic blacktip sharks, grey reef sharks, and what appeared to be several bull sharks – a species I had personally never seen in Raja Ampat, and had believed to be effectively depleted beyond recovery within the reserve! **CONTINUED BELOW IN COMMENTS** **FULL VIDEO ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE**

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Raja Ampat is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the Coral Triangle, the very epicenter of global marine biodiversity. It’s also home to one of the most charismatic and graceful of marine creatures: the manta ray. Ever since my first encounter with a manta ray a decade ago, I have been captivated by the gentle, curious and intelligent nature of these ocean giants. Upon discovering they were under severe threat from exploitation for their gills, I made it my life’s mission to secure global protection for these vulnerable creatures. Given that Indonesia is one of the top manta tourism destinations on Earth, this expedition took on particular significance for me. Although both species of manta are classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, manta rays are still abundant in the waters of Raja Ampat, largely due to progressive conservation measures enacted by the local government. In November 2010, Bupati Drs Marcus Wanma, the regent of Raja Ampat, made a historic declaration, designating the entire 46,000 square kilometers (17,760 square miles) of Raja Ampat a sanctuary for sharks, manta rays, mobula rays, dugongs and turtles. This sanctuary, formally ratified into law in February 2013, was the first of its kind in Indonesia. As such, manta rays now swim safely in these waters, free from exploitation by the gill raker trade that has severely depleted manta populations throughout much of the region. The trade in ray gill rakers — mainly for use in traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional supplements — has expanded as high-value fins have grown scarce due to plummeting of global shark populations. @conservationorg @indonesianmantaproject @bluespherefoundation @sea_legacy #manta #indonesianoceanpride #conservation #turningthetide

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THIS is worth fighting for. Lamakera Update 4 via Since the Savu Sea Program in Lamakera began in 2014, the research team have recorded sightings of 26 different species of marine megafauna. This includes whale sharks, dugongs, blue whales, leatherback turtles, and manta rays. However, even without the manta hunters, these animals are not always safe. Large marine animals often become the victims of accidental entanglement in gill nets, ghost nets and drifting debris, such as rope. In the last 18 months, our team members have dedicated themselves to developing a network of 30 community rangers who have a direct hotline to report incidents of accidental bycatch. This system has led to the release of 21 animals. Coastal communties depend on a healthy, balanced marine ecosystem and we aim to not only educate residents about this, but give them the tools to act independently and protect their own areas of the ocean. #turningthetide #bluespherefoundation #whaleshark #saveourocean #indonesianoceanpride

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Using art is an essential tool in halting the destruction of threatened species. People only protect what they love—and recognizing this, we can bring the beauty and vulnerability of marine life to mainstream audiences across the globe, fueling a new wave of curiosity and appreciation for the oceans, and inspire the global community to take immediate steps to conserve them. #ARTivism @bluespherefoundation @sea_legacy #bluespherefoundation #turningthetide #racingextinction #saveouroceans

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#Repost @bluespherefoundation ・・・ Remember: each and every one of you has the power to change the world. Use whatever skills you have to be a voice to animals threatened with extinction and continue inspiring those around you to do the same. 💙🦋🌊 #WorldWildlifeConservationDay #TurningTheTide #MantaMonday #RacingExtinction

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I hope you are enjoying these updates about the village of Lamakera and their transition from a hunting culture to a tourism culture. 🙂 Here’s another one about livelihoods via During the first year of our program, almost 200 fishermen were involved with scientific research. Some fishermen received training to identify and record sightings of manta rays and whale sharks, while others were paid to take our researchers on their boats to conduct surveys. Aside from teaching fishermen about biology and the importance of healthy marine ecosystems, one of the most inspiring outcomes was watching them engage with animals in a new way. Fishermen had the chance to get in the water and interact with these animals as they never had before. Suddenly, rather than being animals to hunt, they were animals to observe and admire. This was a critical tool to inspire pride for their local marine ecosystem and shift mindsets from the immediate, to the future. As we generated more awareness for the manta hunting ban and the reasons that this had been introduced, the community became receptive to the idea of moving into different industries. It was through this staged process, and multiple discussions and meetings with the community, that we decided that the sustainable fisheries industry would be the best option for the manta hunters of Lamakera. Developing sustainable fisheries as an alternative to manta hunting made perfect sense. We were asking a fishing community to continue in a profession that they know, and are already skilled in. Our goal was to develop sustainable fishing cooperatives and small enterprises for manta hunters to join. To become a member, applicants pledged to stop hunting manta rays and, in return, we agreed to develop new industries, provide them with small business loans and give training and support that will give them the opportunity for a more stable income and a better quality of life.

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Here’s another LAMAKERA UPDATE from my friends at When our work began in Lamakera, we had one core mission; to end the hunting of iconic marine life. Our team brought with them more than a decade of experience of working on complex conservation issues. We’d already spearheaded a campaign to create the first shark and manta ray sanctuary in Indonesia in 2010, created a 1220 sq km marine reserve in Misool, South Raja Ampat, which had effectively ended the shark-finning industry in this area and used our data and knowledge to campaign for the protection of manta rays in Indonesia, which led to the momentous ban on manta ray hunting in 2014. We knew from this experience that a holistic approach was needed to address the situation in Lamakera. There was a lot to consider. How would we support the government to develop the best marine protection strategies? Which new jobs would provide meaningful and lasting employment to replace manta hunting? How would we preserve generations of fishing traditions while ensuring that the valuable marine life flourished? How would we inspire the community to become guardians of their oceans and change mindsets so that they understood that mantas and whale sharks are critical for a healthy marine ecosystem? We implemented an approach that combined scientific research, alternative livelihoods development and education campaigns. Over the course of this week, we will tell you more about each of these programs and how the hard work of our team has resulted in a 97% reduction in the number of mantas killed since @racingextinction was released. Stay tuned! @indonesianmantaproject @seasanctuaries @bluespherefoundation @wildaid

Shawn Heinrichs Name Data

Shawn Heinrichs Data Details
Shawn Heinrichs full length: 15 characters (15 bytes)
Unique part(s): Shawn Heinrichs
Shawn Heinrichs Name Volwes: aeii (4 characters)
Shawn Heinrichs Name Consonants: Shwn Hnrchs (11 characters)

Shawn Heinrichs user Name Encoding

  • 11011000101111 Decimal name:
  • 1110110001111111110010000100110101110110111010110000000000000000 Binary name:
  • 83 104 97 119 110 32 72 101 105 110 114 105 99 104 115 ASCII name:
  • 536861776e204865696e7269636873 HEX name:
  • d9b51dcb1730b3e1ccd7ae3a89bc0944 MD5 Encoding:
  • 0bab82d0117e1fa660fa53e0effb1bfa8f9a4ce9 SHA1 Encoding:
  • XNHNRXS Metaphone name:
  • S556 Name Soundex:
  • U2hhd24gSGVpbnJpY2hz Base64 Encoding:
  • shcirnieH nwahS Reverse name:

Shawn Heinrichs user name Nato Encoding

Letter Code Word U.S. Army standard ICAO and ITU Roman standard FAA standards ICAO IPA standard SIO (France) ICAO recording (1955) Consolidated transcription
S Sierra see AIR ah SEE AIR RAH SEEAIRAH or SEE-AIR-AH siˈerɑ si èr rah [siˈɛɾʌ] /siːˈɛrɑː/ see-ERR-ah
h Hotel HO tell HOH TELL HOHTELL or HOH-TELL hoːˈtel ho tèll [hoʊˈtɛl] /hoʊˈtɛl/ hoh-TEL
a Alfa
ATIS: Alpha
AL fah AL FAH ALFAH or AL-FAH ˈælfɑ al fah [ˈælfʌ] /ˈælfɑː/ AL-fah
w Whiskey WISS key WISS KEY WISSKEY or WISS-KEY ˈwiski ouiss ki [ˈwɪski] /ˈwɪskiː/ WIS-kee
n November NOH vem ber NO VEM BER NOVEMBER or NO-VEM-BER noˈvembə no vèmm ber [noʊˈvɛmbɹ̩] /noʊˈvɛmbər/ noh-VEM-bər
H Hotel HO tell HOH TELL HOHTELL or HOH-TELL hoːˈtel ho tèll [hoʊˈtɛl] /hoʊˈtɛl/ hoh-TEL
e Echo EKK oh ECK OH ECKOH or ECK-OH ˈeko èk o [ˈɛkoʊ] /ˈɛkoʊ/
i India IN dee ah IN DEE AH INDEE AH or IN-DEE-AH ˈindiˑɑ in di ah [ˈɪndi.ʌ] /ˈɪndiːɑː/ IN-dee-ah
n November NOH vem ber NO VEM BER NOVEMBER or NO-VEM-BER noˈvembə no vèmm ber [noʊˈvɛmbɹ̩] /noʊˈvɛmbər/ noh-VEM-bər
r Romeo ROW me oh ROW ME OH ROWME OH or ROW-ME-OH ˈroːmiˑo ro mi o [ˈɹoʊmi.oʊ] /ˈroʊmiːoʊ/ ROH-mee-oh
i India IN dee ah IN DEE AH INDEE AH or IN-DEE-AH ˈindiˑɑ in di ah [ˈɪndi.ʌ] /ˈɪndiːɑː/ IN-dee-ah
c Charlie CHAR lee CHAR LEE CHARLEE or CHAR-LEE ˈtʃɑːli or ˈʃɑːli tchah li, char li [ˈtʃɑ˞li], [ˈʃɑ˞li] /ˈtʃɑːrliː/ CHAR-lee or /ˈʃɑːrliː/ SHAR-lee
h Hotel HO tell HOH TELL HOHTELL or HOH-TELL hoːˈtel ho tèll [hoʊˈtɛl] /hoʊˈtɛl/ hoh-TEL
s Sierra see AIR ah SEE AIR RAH SEEAIRAH or SEE-AIR-AH siˈerɑ si èr rah [siˈɛɾʌ] /siːˈɛrɑː/ see-ERR-ah

Shawn Heinrichs Linguistics

Language In Local
Shawn Heinrichs with Greek letters Σἁυν Εἱνριχς
Shawn Heinrichs with Hindi letters शव्न् हॆइंरिछ्स्
Shawn Heinrichs with Chinese letters Sㄏㄚ˙wㄋ˙ Hㄟ˙ㄋ˙ㄖ˙ㄔㄙ
Shawn Heinrichs with Cyrillic letters Схаун Хеинрицхс
Shawn Heinrichs with Hebrew letters סהַון הִֶנרִקהס
Shawn Heinrichs with Arabic letters سهَون هِِنرِكهس
Shawn Heinrichs with Tamil letters ஶவ்ந் ஹெஇஂரிச்ஸ்
Shawn Heinrichs with Japanese letters しゃうん へいんりちす
Shawn Heinrichs with Armenian letters Սհաւն Հեինրիծհս

Shawn Heinrichs ratings of this name

A Good Name 38%
62% A Bad Name
Masculine 60%
40% Feminine
Classic 95%
5% Modern
Mature 83%
17% Youthful
Formal 26%
74% Informal
Upper Class 18%
82% Common
Urban 61%
39% Natural
Wholesome 73%
27% Devious
Strong 66%
34% Delicate
Refined 81%
19% Rough
Strange 61%
39% Boring
Simple 94%
6% Complex
Serious 68%
32% Comedic
Nerdy 68%
32% Unintellectual
Characteristics Value
Shawn Heinrichs's Optimism 9
Shawn Heinrichs's Creativity 20
Shawn Heinrichs's Resilience 12
Shawn Heinrichs's Self-Control 3
Shawn Heinrichs's Emotional Awareness 14
Shawn Heinrichs's Sociability 8
Shawn Heinrichs's Patience 15
Shawn Heinrichs's Integrity 12
Shawn Heinrichs's Willpower 1
Shawn Heinrichs's Passion 9

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2017.12.11. 00:54 #Repost @hannahmermaid ・・・... 752 5 29 0,99$
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2017.12.07. 20:02 🐳SWIMMING WITH SINGING WHALES 💙Text by the talented 1 596 16 5 1,38$
2017.12.07. 17:29 Of all the ocean creatures, sharks and rays are now facing perhaps the greatest... 1 536 9 5 1,17$
2017.12.06. 23:14 EPIC ENCOUNTER! 🐟🦈🌀 Misool Bluewater Shark Baitball: Oceanic blacktip, grey reef, and... 540 3 0 0,95$
2017.12.05. 23:50 Raja Ampat is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the Coral Triangle, the very... 1 698 7 4 1,13$
2017.12.05. 17:33 THIS is worth fighting for. Lamakera Update 4 via 1 077 7 5 1,06$
2017.12.04. 22:31 Using art is an essential tool in halting the destruction of threatened species. People... 1 330 9 5 1,14$
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2017.12.03. 17:37 Here’s another LAMAKERA UPDATE from my friends at 1 967 16 0 1,48$

Shawn Heinrichs National Statistics for Popularity and Rank

Shawn Heinrichs National Statistic for the Name SHAWN HEINRICHS
Population Estimate 6182 +/- 13.9%
National Rank 37978
Percentile Rank 0.6
Proportion per 100k 0.9
SSA Baby Name Population 373
SSA Baby Name per 100k 0.8
SSA Baby Name Rank 26262
SSA Baby Name Percentile Rank 1

Shawn Heinrichs Summary

  • SHAWN HEINRICHS is ranked as the 37978th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 6182.
  • This name is in the 60th percentile, this means that nearly 2% of all the first names are more popular.
  • There are 0.9 people named SHAWN HEINRICHS for every 100,000 Americans.
  • Based on the analysis of 100 years worth of data from the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Baby Names database, the estimated population of people named SHAWN HEINRICHS is 373
  • According to our algorithm there are 270 last names associated with the name SHAWN HEINRICHS.

Race and Ethinicity

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name SHAWN HEINRICHS
Race or Hispanic origin % of population with name % of US general population % difference
White 75.24% 54.03% 21.21 %
Hispanic origin 9.24% 12.83% -3.59%
Black 6.64% 16.13% -9.49%
Asian or Pacific Islander 2.94% 8.93% -5.99%
Two or more races 4.04% 4.73% -0.69%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 1.88% 3.33% -1.45%


The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name SHAWN HEINRICHS is 75.24% White, 9.24% Hispanic origin, 6.64% Black, 2.94% Asian or Pacific Islander, 4.04% Two or More Races, and 1.88 American Indian or Alaskan Native. These figures should be considered only as a rough estimate. The purpose of this graph is to compare the name's specific race and Hispanic origin distribution to the distribution in the general population of the US.

The vertical blue bars represent the race distribution of people that have the name. The yellow horizontal lines represent the race distribution of the general population. The amount by which the blue bars extend past the yellow horizontal lines determines how likely a person with the name will be part of a given race or Hispanic origin group.

On this basis, the people with the name SHAWN HEINRICHS have a higher likelyhood of being White and a lower likelyhood of being Black.

Ethnic and Cultural Name Categories

The first name SHAWN HEINRICHS is included in the following name catgories:
  • US masculine baby name - Social Security Administration
  • Turkish masculine given name